The Genability Signal family of REST APIs provide simple RESTful interfaces with lightweight JSON-formatted responses that allow you to use Genability’s public datasets, our calculators, and all other functionality provided by our Signal product.

This section of the documentation covers the basics of using any of our REST APIs.

  • REST Request - how to send a request including the domains, paths, and HTTP Method conventions we use. Also includes details on the common parameters for pagination, filtering and sorting.
  • REST Response - we have a standard response wrapped, which is detailed here. We also talk about HTTP status codes and how we return error messages.
  • Security - how to authenticate yourself, with examples for various technologies
  • Date Formats - dates and times can be tricky.
  • Versioning and Releases - how we version APIs and how to request extended fields etc.
  • Helper Libraries - our Java Client Library, plus other languages, bindings and helpers.
  • Tools - some recommendations for tools that can help with developing and running applications that include our APIs.
  • Echo Endpoint - a simple little set of APIs for testing integration.