• What's an API?

    The acronym "API" stands for "Application Programming Interface". An API is just a defined way for a computer program to talk to Genability's software and data in a standard way. Developers can use the Genability APIs to make applications, websites, widgets, and other projects that interact with our unique set of data. Programs talk to the Genability API over HTTP, the same protocol that your browser uses to visit and interact with web pages.

  • What can I build with Genability APIs?

    Genability makes web-service APIs so developers can build their own scalable, reliable electrical power pricing applications for energy consumers and technology. An increasing number of individuals and companies would like to move to solar panels, electric vehicles and other clean energy solutions to reduce their power bills and their dependence on dirty power. Our data will help you deliver accurate cost analyses to your customers.

  • What programming languages can I use to write Genability applications?

    Any stack of web software works. We have customers that use Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, ObjectiveC, Swift and lots of other languages too. Most commonly used programming environments have the ability to communicate with RESTFul APIs.

  • How do I use the Genability APIs?

    If you want your application to do the sort of things a Genability user can do, check out our REST API documentation. We suggest you start with the Quick Start guide and move on from there.

  • Do the APIs have a free trial?

    Yes! Many of our most important APIs are included in our Explorer product, which has a 14 day free trial. You can interact with our web application without a credit card, but if you want to make API calls, you will need to enter one to create an API key. Follow this link to sign up.

  • What things can I not do with my Genability APIs?

    Please view our Terms of Service for what you are legally allowed and not allowed to do.

  • Im not a programmer, what can I do?

    Our Explorer web applications allow you to interact with our services and data via your web browser. You can view tariff and other utility data, and run calculations, all at the click of a button. Also, some of the best energy software providers in the industry have our data baked into their products. You might actually be using us without knowing it!

  • How do I report bugs and request features?

    Please contact us at support@genability.com. Any feedback or suggestion is greatly appreciated.

API Status

Our current and historical status and outages are available on our API Status Page

Technical Questions

Have a technical question on how to use the APIs? Email us at devnet@genability.com


Found an issue or a bug? Email us at support@genability.com