We have collected the logos of the top utilities, standardized them, made them available on our content delivery network (CDN) for you to use in your user interface. To link to them, use the following URL structure:


For example, our next door neighbors in San Francisco are Pacific Gas & Electric: https://cdn.genability.com/lses/734.png.

You can get the lseId the LSE record, the tariff, or the account. The file format is PNG. The file’s dimensions are not constant, so use CSS or similar to size them appropriately.

Generic Logos

You don’t have to worry about whether we have the logo or not. If we don’t have it yet, we return a generic icon to symbolize the utility rather than a 404 File Not Found HTTP response.

If you want to explicitly get the generic icon, send in any URL that isn’t a number for the lseId. For example, https://cdn.genability.com/lses/another.png returns this image:

Generic logo