The following APIs represent the endpoints that provide data about Utilities and other Load Serving Entities (LSEs) including their tariffs, where they operate (their Territories) and other data about how they charge their customers.

  • Load Serving Entity - LSE is the company selling the electricity (supplying the load). Commonly called the utility or electric company.
  • Tariff - the pricing / rates for a given category of customer or service
  • Territory - defines an area that an LSE, Tariff or specific Tariff Rate apply to. Currently only part of the tariff data, but we will roll out operations to access this in the next few weeks.
  • Season - defines a part of the year that can be used for different rate amounts (e.g. summer and winter rates being different amounts).
  • Time of Use - defines the times of the day that a tariff can have different prices for.