The How-To section contains practical articles that tell you how to do specific tasks via the API. These discrete tasks are often common across products. Below we’ve organized them into logical groupings, but you should look at the descriptions of them all in order to find the one that best matches what you are trying to do.

Costs & Savings

These how-to articles are primarily related to running calcuations of either energy costs or monetary savings.

Usage & Models

These are how-tos about meter reading data, solar production modeling and other activity related to energy usage, whether actual or what-if.

Utilities, Tariffs & More

These are everything else not specifically related to the above categories of calculations or usage data. Things like tariff rate structures, custom contracts, data about utilities, specifying taxes, Solar PV incentives and such.

  • Set up an Account - dives into the details of how to create and populate an Account (a.k.a. Site)
  • Select the right Utility and Tariff - selecting the right utility and tariff for accounts and calculations
  • Handle Taxes - passing tax rates in a calculation request and setting tax rates on an account
  • Contracted Rates in Deregulated markets - for deregulated markets, micro-grids, what-if contracts and more, here’s how to use contracted rates. We include some detailed examples of how to model Block and Index contracts.
  • User Adjusted Rates - add one or more of your own rates to any calculation.
  • Find & value Incentives - finding and calculating incentives for your customer
  • Show Utility Logos - we have image files that contain the logos for most of the utilities in our database. Here’s how you can display them in your applications.