Frequently Asked Questions

What's an API?

The acronym "API" stands for "Application Programming Interface". An API is just a defined way for a program to accomplish a task, usually retrieving or modifying data. Developers can use the Genability APIs to make applications, websites, widgets, and other projects that interact with our unique set of data. Programs talk to the Genability API over HTTP, the same protocol that your browser uses to visit and interact with web pages.

What can I build with Genability APIs?

Genability makes web-service APIs so developers can build their own scalable, reliable electrical power pricing applications for energy consumers. Increasing number of individuals and companies would like to move to solar panels and other clean energy systems to reduce their power bills and their dependence on dirty power. Our data will help you deliver accurate cost analyses to your customers.

What programming languages can I use to write Genability applications?

Any stack of web software works, we plan to build helper libraries that make common tasks easy in Java, PHP, Ruby, and Python.

How do I use the Genability APIs?

If you want your application to do the sort of things a Genability user can do, check out our REST API documentation.

What things can I not do with my Genability APIs?

Please view our Terms of Service.

How do I report bugs and request features?

Please contact us at Any feedback or suggestion is greatly appreciated.