The Account API allows you to access and manage energy cost and usage data for your Sites. More specifically you can add, update and query the following types of data

  • Account - an Account represents a home or facility for your customer. Using an Account you can securely store energy cost and usage. You can Upload usage data, capture tariffs and other properties, run what-if analyses. And much, much more.
  • Account Tariff - information about the accounts current and historical tariff rates plans is stored on the Account object, in its account tariffs collection. This can hold contracted rate structures, tax information, and rate plan enrollment information.
  • Usage Profile - a place to store consumption, demand and other reading data that can be used for calculations and analysis.
  • Account Cost Calculation - calculate historical bills, month-to-date cost projections and a wide range of what-ifs.
  • Bulk Loading via File Uploader - an easy way to upload files and large sets of reading data and persist it within the Genability Storage APIs.